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It is essential to have a financially feasible approach to advertising that would get you real and effective results for businesses and brand growth. This is where e-mail marketing comes into play. The Penta Newsletter is an online marketing software that utilizes e-mails to reach out to your potential clients. It enables you to send e-mails as part of marketing strategies under permissions-based mailing to lists of addresses. This is the perfect tool that can manage and optimize bulk e-mail campaigns easily. Our Penta Email Marketing solution gives you the power to take complete advantage of the whole e-mail marketing scenario. With the unlimited number of clients that can be hosted with the server, they can be categorized into lists based on multiple factors such as recent activity, location and interests, to name a few.

Along with the Penta Newsletter system, statistical tools of international standards are included to assist you in analyzing the effectiveness of your e-mails. With the latest and unparalleled software for E-mail Creation, Ad Management and Marketing Extensions/ Auto-campaigns, we simplify the digital world for non-technical users by implementing beginner through advanced e-mail marketing assistance. Features included in this package comprise of the ability to utilize graphic reports, list generation, subsriber actions and detailed tracking systems. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a shot today and see incredible improvements on behalf of your marketing strategies by using our e-mail marketing campaigns software.